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festival from April 23rd to 25th, 2020 in Prague

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What We Do

The Czech Institute for Microtonal Music is a freely formed group for people with an interest in composed, theorized, and performed music with microintervals. The Institute is led by two Prague–based experts working in microtonal music and music theory, Iva Oplištilová and J-T Vesikkala Wittmacher. The Institute exists to promote microtonal performed and composed music and research in Prague, Czechia and nearby regions as a whole, to organize scientific and international easy-access conferences, workshops, presentations, competitions and concerts, and to enrich the worldwide dialogue and flow of information on the microtonal field. Connections are maintained with multiple individuals, groups, societies and festivals, among which are EUROMicroFest, Finnish Microtonal Society, and American Festival of Microtonal Music.

From Thursday April 23rd to Saturday 25th, 2020, the Institute organizes the first edition of a festival in a format similar to the international MicroFest (running since the 1980’s), with the local title Institut mikrointervalové hudby 2020, or with the international subtitle MicroFest Prague 2020. The performing and academic festival includes over ten presentations by internationally acclaimed speakers and two concerts focusing on microtonal music, one of them for ensemble and one a recital of soloists on microtonal instruments.

Institut mikrointervalové hudby is financially supported by the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU).

All four calls for works are ongoing!

Latest News

Oct 13th 2019
We have launched our Call for Compositions to find music for glissando flute, the final one of our four ongoing calls for works.

Sep 23rd 2019
We have launched our Call for Compositions to find music for horn!

Sep 9th 2019
We have launched our Call for Compositions to find music for recorder!

Jul 8th 2019
We have launched our Call for Compositions to find trios and quartets for Schallfeld Ensemble!

We are currently booking musicians and lecturers for the upcoming festival. We will soon announce that brand new and recent works are being sought for microtonal solo instruments for our recital concert as well as for our ensemble concert. The concerts with standard repertoire and the selected works will be rehearsed together with the composers and performed as part of Institut mikrointervalové hudby 2020 / MicroFest Prague 2020 in concerts on April 23rd (ensemble) and 25th (soloists) 2020 at HAMU, Prague.
The confirmed lecturers and performers this far include Robert Hasegawa, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Linnéa Sundfær Casserly, Daniel Costello, Erik Drescher, Marc Sabat, and Schallfeld Ensemble.

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While we add information on this new website, you can contact us at microintervalinstitute(at)gmail(dot)com or using the form below.

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